Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Candles with Mema

I loved making candles with my mom when I was little. Addison loves lighting candles and having them burning at home. So when my parents came for a visit we made candles. The boys had a great time dripping crayon colors down to decorate. Then we crushed ice and poured wax over it to make my favorite candle. They are so pretty when the burn and glow.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Playing in the mud after the last rain

Found a turtle.
Made a slide
Ruined some clothes...completely worth it

Carving pumpkins

Asher didn't want to carve this year. Has he already out grown it? Sigh! Addison wanted a lightening bolt jack this year. Cute!

New family

Growing fast

Addison's camo room

In the new house we gave the boys an option of flooring. I completely expected both to choose carpet, but neither did to my surprise. Asher's room is still in the decision/brainstorming phase....meaning I still haven't figured out how to execute what his heart desires. Addison wanted his floor painted camo...ok, I can do that. He loves it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

entering double digits

Every year for the boys birthday I make them a special birthday cake of their choice. Usually the selection is based on the theme or decoration they want on it. Last year Addison chose a "hunting" cake "with a deer on it, please". So for my little "deer" I made him this cake....

I think the year before that was camouflage cupcakes. This year when I asked he says, "I want a peanut butter chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough cake". Can you believe I found several recipes for ccc dough cakes online. Google is such a good friend of mine. What did I even do before Internet? I made this cake over a course of several days using multiple recipes. It was a true labor of love as all my homemade birthday cakes are. My little Addison deserves every bit of time that it took to make this cake though. He's always the first to volunteer to help out with whatever I'm working on. He's the one that jumps when asked for someone to feed the dog and he's the one that wants to organize and clean out the garage. Addison is the one that spend hours with me working on projects. Just this Saturday he worked very hard labor clearing an area and preparing for building a chicken coop.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


My brother gave the boys some motorcycles that my nephews had adventured on when they were younger. As a mother of boys I knew this day would come and I tried to talk myself through all the emotions and prepare myself. My heart was gripped with fear and I prayed hard as each boy took off on their first ride. I was amazed at how they immediately rode off with no problem like they were born to ride. I am happy for them to have this fun experience with their father but all the talk of faster and flips definitely has me on my knees!!